The promoter Cabrália is a branch of the existing Aurora Centennial in Brazil, a centennial group of family origin that operates in the sectors of the wood industry, construction, technology and real estate development. This synergy between the companies was the spark for a sustainable growth of the Aurora Centennial Group in Brazil and consequently of its younger sister, Cabrália in Portugal.


Currently operating in Brazil, the United States and Europe, the group is in its fourth generation of entrepreneurs committed to ethics and trust.


The result is a solid management model, which advocates for best practices in corporate governance and participation of expert advisory bodies. In order to continue its successful trajectory, Aurora Centennial enters Portugal as Cabrália Investimentos, in order to contribute with knowledge and resources to the rehabilitation and urban construction in Portuguese cities.


Cabrália Investimentos intends to establish itself in the market as a reference of professionalism, solidity and innovation focused on the needs of its clients.

The name Cabrália comes from the city Santa Cruz de Cabrália, situated on the coast of Bahia, Brasil, the region of discoveries, named as a tribute to Pedro Álvares Cabral.